Barn Wedding Venue Evening Photos

barn wedding venue pic night

Barn Wedding Venue at night


Making Progress at the Farm (CNEI)

We’re finishing up round one of our farm makeover. Here are the next projects that we plan on having done in this order: Lot of things to do, and we’re always coming up with new ideas to improve.

1. Rustic Foot Bridge

2. New Electric Service Throughout the Barn

3. Outdoor Lounge Areas

4. Rope Swing

5. Orchard Overlook

6. French Doors for Bride’s Walk

7. Gazeebo

8. Floor Upgrades spring 2013

Some other project may include putting in a Sunflower  Field for next year. Maybe?

If you have any suggestions and or opinions let me know! Image

Barn Wedding Venue

Dodson Orchards is a new wedding venue located just an hour south of St.Louis, Mo. Located in the serene countryside of Madison County Missouri, Dodson Orchards is the perfect place for a Barn Wedding, Outdoor Wedding, or Farm Wedding. With scenic views, peaceful, quiet atmosphere, you and your guests will enjoy an exclusive wedding that will be cherished.  Image

Missouri Barn Weddings

Rustic Chic is the all the buzz in the wedding world, and this blog will be Barn Weddings in Missouri. While these trends may be hot on the west and east coasts, Missouri has several new Barn Venue’s coming on line this year to meet the growing demand for genuine historical barns.

There are several reasons the demand for these unique wedding venue’s are growing at a rapid pace.

1. Nostalgia – The authentic barn wedding is something that harkens back to a nostalgic time the history of our nation when life seemed to be a little simpler and life on the farm and in the country was idealized as simple, clean, and good.

2. Relaxed Atmosphere – The barn venue offers the vogue statement of a dressy chic stylized wedding venue without the stuffiness that often goes along with that sort of venue. The kids can run around and play, and family members can feel at ease.

3. Organic Surroundings – There is something about a barn that brings people down to earth and allows them to connect with organic natural surroundings that are full of life. A stark contrast to the concrete, steel, and glass structures that so often end up being our ceremony and reception halls.

4. Unique Destinations – Along with the Barn Venue itself, often these structures can be found in unique areas and roads not often traveled offering a taste of unique country settings that might never have been seen otherwise. Often guest can find themselves completely immersed in the whole experience of enjoying the fresh air, quiet, and relaxed family members.

5. Highly Customizable – Typically barn wedding venue owners are open to allowing decorations of all sorts that other high traffic wedding venues will not typically allow. Additionally the open spaces and unique architecture allows for easy and affordable decorating ideas that allow brides and guests to create a memorable and magical atmosphere.

6. Fun – Let’s face it, Barn Weddings are a ton of fun. While there may be a little further drive, you’ll be surprised just how many people are willing to make the drive even just for the sake of it being a day trip and it being a fun trip for everyone to enjoy. A lot of people report that barn weddings seem to have a very low cancel rate because a lot of people have never been to one and this presents an opportunity to do something new.

So there are just a few reasons why Barn Weddings and Farm Weddings are becoming popular in the boutique wedding category. While they will never replace the traditional wedding styles, they certainly are a fresh addition.